As of 1 December 2022, the government of Luxembourg represented by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate, and Sustainable Development, joined the Amsterdam Declarations Partnership(ADP).

As Luxembourg is fully aware of the urgent need to take immediate and decisive action against deforestation and forest degradation throughout the world in order to address the twofold existential crisis we are facing – namely the unprecedented loss of biodiversity, as well as the devastating effects of climate change – the ADP constitutes a unique opportunity to develop and seek constructive solutions by involving all relevant stakeholders”, says Joëlle Welfring, Minister for the Environment, Climate, and Sustainable Development of Luxembourg.

In this context, Luxembourg also subscribes to the “ADP Ambition Statement 2025” of January 2021.

While Luxembourg is a strong supporter of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and a signatory to both the New York Declaration on Forests and the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use, Luxembourg has also ratified the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as well as the International Labour Organization Convention 169.

Through its international climate finance (ICF), Luxembourg supports forest and landscape restoration programmes and initiatives in developing countries. The Luxembourg ICF also aims at mobilizing the private financial sector when it comes to green investments and/or the development of sustainable value chains for forest products, for instance through:

Lastly, Luxembourg also finances several NGO projects in the area, e.g.:

  • COBIGA – Corredor Biologico La Gamba: Intelligent and ecological CO2sequestration and creation of a biological corridor in the Golfo Dulce Region in Costa Rica (Rainforest asbl),
  • Mangrove plantation for environmental sustainability in Bangladesh (Friendship Luxembourg),
  • Ambohitantely Special Reserve restoration project in Madagascar (Graine de Vie).