“One Planet to support us all”

Enhancing collaboration on deforestation-free, sustainable

agricultural commodity production and trade

Date and time:Wednesday 10 May 2023, London, United Kingdom

To strengthen stakeholder interaction and dialogue this ADP-MSM is in-person only.


The Waldorf Hilton hotel, Aldwych, London WC2B 4DD, United Kingdom

Event summary

We will organise an inclusive, multi-stakeholder dialogue focusing on enhancing how to work together to support producer countries and smallholder farmers to adapt to changing market requirements, while ensuring the rights of indigenous peoples. Like last year we intend to have very interactive discussions. We intend to facilitate discussions on cross-commodity themes such as the role of national support systems; market access and inclusion; governance; and landscape-level complementary measures (support actions for vulnerable groups and ecosystem stability to ensure rights are respected and stakeholders are included). This will be followed by commodity specific discussions (cattle, cocoa, palm oil, soya).

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