On21st of November 2023Belgium – as chair of the Amsterdam Declarations Partnership (ADP) – is hosting a Belgian stakeholder event in Brussels, Belgium. This one, full day event will be a hybrid meeting with plenary sessions. It will be English only

Venue: Royal Museum for Central Africa, Leuvensesteenweg 13, Tervuren (close to Bruxelles), Belgium

Host: Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment, Government of Belgium

Agenda: The event aims to enhance awareness amongst stakeholders along the Belgian commodity supply chains from production to import, and facilitate a discussion on how to implement international ambitions on biodiversity, climate change and human rights linked to supply chains and trade. The meeting will present and discuss the role of government and private sector in living up to commitments and meeting market requirements by smallholder farmers to attain a living income and reward sustainability.

Session 1: Addressing nature, climate, Indigenous Peoples, and human rights issues as governments

Session 2: Living up to commitments and meeting market requirements

Session 3: Attaining living income and rewarding sustainability

Session 4: The role of government in facilitating enabling conditions

Session 5: Closing session

Registration: By submitting the registration form you indicate your interest to participate in the meeting and agree to the use of your contact details for this event and the AD Partnership. Attendance is free of charge. We will confirm registration automatically at the bottom of this webpage and by email.

In-person attendance of the meeting will be limited to approximately 150 persons. We will therefore make a selection of those registered and strive for proper representation of all stakeholders. We will confirm participation by email as soon as possible, but not automatically.