13 June 2019, AD Partnership Multi-stakeholder Meeting #4 in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Presentations and key takeaways

Overview of events in the ADP International Sustainability Week 11-14 June 2019, Utrecht, The Netherlands

Overview events International Sustainability Week ADP v2

12 March 2019, European Soya Initiatives meeting, The Netherlands

The AD Partnership organised a follow-up workshop to share experiences regarding working towards deforestation-free, sustainable soya within Europe:

ADP European Soya Initiatives meeting summary v2019-0312

European Soya Initiatives participants v2019-0312

ADP Background document European Soya Initiatives v2019-0312

20 November 2018, European Soya Initiatives Workshop, Belgium

The AD Partnership organised a workshop on sharing responsibility for deforestation-free, sustainable soya with representatives of producer (Argentina, Brazil) and consumer countries (the ADP countries): ADP European Soya Meeting – AGENDA and ADP European Soya Meeting – PARTICIPANTS v2018-1120:

2018-1120 ADP Soya Workshop MODERATORS SUMMARY

2018-1120 ADP presentation Soya Europe

AAPRESID Tomas Mata ADP 20-11-18

ABIOVE Andre Nassar Amsterdam Group_2018_11_20


IDH Daan Wensing Amsterdam Declaration

GCF Debora Dias Soy Presentation – 20 November, Brussels

31 August 2018, World Food Summit, Copenhagen, Denmark

Side-event organised by ADP on “Deforestation on the Table or is there anything as a deforestation-free lunch?”

Agenda World Food Summit Deforestation on the Table

Peter de Koning AD Partnership World Food Summit

Thomas Sembres TRASE Copenhagen August 2018

Louise Bünemann DFC World Food Summit DI palm oil Aug 18

Thomas Roland COOP DIEH Soy, Coop

Ian de Cruz P4G ADP World Food Summit 31 August 2018.pptx

Daan Wensing IDH Copenhagen_31_08_2018

27 June 2018, AD Partnership Multi-stakeholder Meeting #3, France

France, as chair of the AD Partnership, organised the annual multi-stakeholder meeting in Paris, France.

2018-0627 ADP MSM France Roundtables minutes

Video registration 1: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6qwvpv
Video registration 2: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6qwvpu

26 June 2017, AD Partnership Multi-stakeholder Meeting #2, Germany

Germany, as chair of the AD Partnership, organised the second annual multi-stakeholder meeting in Berlin, Germany.

2017-0626 ADP MSM Germany Annotated conclusions

24 June 2016, AD Partnership Multi-stakeholder Meeting #1, Belgium

The Netherlands, as chair of the AD Partnership, organised the first multi-stakeholder meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

2016-0624 ADP MSM Netherlands Minutes Trade and Development in Sustainable Commodities