ADP-MSM “From Ambition to Action”

On 29th of May 2024 Spain – as chair of the Amsterdam Declarations Partnership (ADP) – is hosting the 2024 ADP Multi-Stakeholder Meeting. This is a full day, in-person event.

Venue: Real Fábrica de Tapices, Calle Julián Gayarre 2, Madrid, Spain (website). 

Host: Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (Government of Spain)

Practical information: ADP MSM_Madrid 2024_Practical Information

Introduction: Much progress has been made in understanding our biodiversity and climate planetary boundaries and the footprint of global commodity production and consumption. To reach global goals on climate change, biodiversity and human rights, commodity production and demand has to become sustainable, involving no deforestation. The EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) and the UK Environment Act are emerging market requirements towards deforestation-free commodity production and consumption. But to reach our ambitions to have an impact at scale on deforestation and human rights, we also need to work together with all stakeholders and other producer and consumer countries. Also, to advance on rural poverty, biodiversity, and climate change, we need to address the challenges holistically, whereby the landscape level (production, protection and other functions and needs) is considered the most important entry point to enhance enabling conditions.

Programme: 2024-0529 Programme ADP-MSM Spain

Participants: ADP-MSM 2024 Participants

The event aims to facilitate cross-commodity dialogue and exchange of good practices on how to implement international ambitions on biodiversity, climate change, poverty and human rights linked to supply chains and trade. The event starts with plenary high-level opening. There will be a plenary session with the DG-ENVI of the European Commission and other stakeholders on making demand and supply side measures work. Subsequently there will be break-out session on three cross-commodity topics, followed by a lunch break and break-out sessions per producer region. We will convene back into a plenary session with some reporting and discussion.

Session 3 (morning): Break-out sessions on cross-commodity learning
(1) Traceability & compliance mechanisms for sustainability
(2) Forests & Rights Observatory
(3) Living income & rewarding sustainability

Session 4 (afternoon): Break-out regional sessions, “Synergy in Sustainability”
(1) Sub-Saharan Africa
(2) South-East Asia
(3) Latin America
(4) Europe + Rest of the World