“We are all Atlas 2”

Strengthening collaboration on deforestation-free, sustainable

agricultural commodity production and trade

Date and time:Thursday 23 June 2022 in person event, Copenhagen, Denmark

It isnot possible to attend this event on-line!


Confederation of Danish Industry,Industriens Hus(Industry House),H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18, 1553, Copenhagen, Denmark

Event summary

Climate change, halting deforestation and biodiversity loss, and sustainable food systems demand wide societal support for change. Respect for the rights of indigenous peoples, local communities and smallholder producers is a core element of this societal support for change. Several key consumer markets are developing due diligence and responsible investment requirements for agricultural commodity supply chain companies. We need to work in partnerships with governments, private sector, civil society organizations, farmers, and Indigenous Peoples’ organizations to overcome the challenges together. In support of the transition needed towards deforestation-free, sustainable production also collective, additional support measures are needed.

The eventaims to share lessons and discuss challenges regarding collaboration and inclusive action, and identify supportive actions to address the challenges.

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Programme ADP-MSM (link)

Programme break-out session cattle – beef & leather – (link)

Programme break-out session cocoa (link)

Programme break-out session palm oil (link)

Programme break out session soya (link)