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Multi-Stakeholder Meeting “Harmonising Actions for Change”

On 13th June 2019, the Government of the Netherlands, as Chair of the Amsterdam Declarations Partnership, hosted the ADP Multi-Stakeholder Meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This formed part of the ADP International Sustainability Week. The ADP MSM welcomed 285 participants from 29 countries including consumer and producer countries and representatives from all stakeholder groups.

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Presentations and takeaways

The presentations can be found below. The takeaways are presented in a downloadable file: ADP MSM2019 Key Takeaways

Plenary opening

The plenary opening speech was provided by Ms Carola Schouten, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality (speech)

Ms Reina Buijs, Director-General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (speech)

Ms Juliana de Lavor Lopes, Amaggi Sustainability Communication and Compliance Officer, Vice President, Executive Director Round Table for Responsible Soya (presentation)

Ms Eefke van der Wouw, Youth Representative Sustainable Development at the United Nations  (speech)

Mr Peter de Koning, Director ADP Support Unit, Amsterdam Declarations Partnership update (presentation)

At the end of the speech by Minister Schouten, a coalition of international human rights and environmental NGO’s – FERN, Greenpeace, WWF, Forest Peoples Programme, Global Witness, Solidaridad, BothENDS, Conservation International, Environmental Investigations Agency, and Client Earth – offered a tree and seeds to the minister, thanking the government of the Netherlands in taking the lead with the AD Partnership but also urging the Netherlands and the ADP to ask the European Commission to include European legislation, as a part of a comprehensive list of measures, into their Communication.

“Inspiring To Innovate”

Parallel sessions:

-1A- Innovation in Cooperation in Producer Countries

  1. Dr Mamadou Fofana, Prime Minister Office Côte d’Ivoire – Cocoa & Forests Initiative Country Framework for Action.
  2. Chris Beeko, Ghana Forestry Commission – Lessons learned from VPA-FLEGT.
  3. Cynthia Ong Forever Sabah – Sabah’s jurisdictional approach.

-1B- Innovation in Monitoring

  1. Caroline Winchester, WRI Global Forest Watch – launch Global Forest Watch Pro platform.
  2. Perpetua George, Wilmar – Creating a deforestation-free Palm Oil Supply Chain through improved monitoring and supplier engagement.
  3. Aliya Ryan, Digital Democracy – MAPEO Tool on mapping the land of indigenous communities.

-1C- Innovation in Knowledge Sharing

  1. Adam Romo, ISEAL–  launch ISEAL Certification Atlas.
  2. Jeffrey Milder, Rainforest Alliance – Accelerating Progress and Improving Accountability, the Accountability Framework.
  3. Jan Maarten Dros, Solidaridad – Improving Farming Performance with Digital Solutions App.

-1D- Innovation in Financing

  1. Alexander Döring, FEFAC – How to incentivise responsible soy farmers based on Product Environmental Footprint & lower LUC (GFLI).
  2. Irene Beers, Supply Chain Information Management – Tip-2-Farmer app.
  3. ACT Commodities – Enhancing impact of soya certification (presentation not publicly available).

ADP MSM2019 Key Takeaways

“The Future of Farming and Forests”

Parallel sessions:

-2A- The Future of Farming

  1. Tomas Mata, AAPRESID – The Future of Soya Farming.
  2. Isabelle Adam, Touton – Deforestation-free cocoa landscapes in Ghana
  3. Regiano Borsato, LIFE Institute – LIFE International Standard for Territorial management.

-2B- The Future of Forests

  1. Grant Rosoman, Greenpeace – Forests are essential for our Climate.
  2. Adeline Dontenville, EU REDD Facility – Ensuring the coherence of land-use investments to achieve forest and climate objectives.
  3. Alexis Assiri, CEMOI – Smallholder cocoa farming around Tai National park, Côte d’Ivoire.

-2C- Smallholder Inclusion

  1. Mansuetus Darto Alsy Hanu, SPKS – Palm oil Smallholders Indonesia.
  2. Cedric Van Cutsem, Mondelez – Cocoa Life in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire.
  3. Daan Wensing, IDH – NISCOPS Palm oil supply chain inclusion.

-2D- Human Rights Issues in the Supply Chain

  1. Johan Verburg, Rabobank – Dutch Banking Sector Agreement on Human Rights, Supply Chain Analysis Cocoa and Palm Oil (presentation not publicly available)
  2. Wendy Blanpied, Save-the-Children Int. – Child labour in the cocoa sector.
  3. Melizel Asuncion, Verité Southeast Asia – Forced Labour, Health & Safety.
  4. Michael Guindon, Zoological Society of London – Due diligence land rights and SPOTT.

ADP MSM2019 Key Takeaways

“Harmonising Actions for Change, government panels”

Government parallel sessions:

-3A- Cocoa

  1. Ghana, Chris Beeko, Director Timber Validation Department, Ghana Forestry Department.
  2. Cote d’Ivoire, Didier Gbogou, Cabinet Director, Ministry of Water and Forests.
  3. Germany, Lisa Kirfel-Rühle, Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, (BMZ).

-3B- Palm Oil

  1. Indonesia, Musdhalifah Machmud, Deputy Minister Food and Agriculture, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  2. Colombia, Adriana Vargas-Saldarriaga, Director Trade, Colombian Mission to the EU.
  3. United Kingdom, Neil Scotland, Senior Forestry Advisor, DFID.

-3C- Soya

  1. Argentina, Nicolas Juan Lucas, Director of Sustainable production, Secretariat of Agriculture, Cattle ranching and Fisheries.
  2. Netherlands, Vincent vd Berk, Policy Advisor, Min of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.
  3. Brazil, João Francisco Adrien Fernandes, Director Advisory for Socio-environmental Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA).

ADP MSM2019 Key Takeaways